• Cloud Files Found in OS X Lion, Could Be The Evolution of iDisk

    9to5 Mac has just stated that they've found some interesting new icons in Mac OS X Lion that may reveal a part of Apple's new plan for MobileMe, which is currently MIA.

    There seems to be a folder and sidebar icon which looks specifically designed for cloud documents. This would obviously be a place for a user to store whatever documents they choose and store them on the cloud, similar to what MobileMe's iDisk currently does. This however, seems to be a bit more like popular service Dropbox, as there is the file icon, along with the sidebar shortcut in finder. The files are labeled "MobileDocumentsFolder.icns, Mobile Documents 32.png and SidebarMobileDocumentsFolder.icns."

    This seems like an elegant evolution from the current iDisk logos. It's possible that this is simply could be a re-naming of the iDisk feature, but we suspect there's something more to this. We may have to wait until closer to this summer to find out, but I would be surprised if we got some more information on this as soon as the March 2nd event, where Apple will introduce the next generation iPad.

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