• Steve Jobs Reportedly Denied Knighthood By British Government

    While no shortage of prominent celebrities and business leaders have been honored via British knighthood, don't look for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to turn up with a "Sir" in front of his name any time soon. According to a flurry of published reports Tuesday, Steve Jobs was apparently once in line for knighthood but plans fell through when former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown intervened and allegedly blocked the knighthood. Why, you ask? Steve Jobs apparently had the audacity to decline an invitation to a Labour Party event.

    And that was all she wrote for Steve Jobs' pending knighthood. If we didn't know any better, this probably means Steve won't get invited to Prince William's wedding either. Mr. Jobs must be devastated. Nonetheless, the media is having a field day with reports of Steve Jobs getting the boot from the British. Of course, it's not like Apple is going to withdraw all Apple products from the UK as a result of the reported snub, so its unclear what all the fuss is really about.

    But, alas, it makes for a good story. And since Bill Gates was knighted six years ago, Gates still has something to hang over Steve's head during poker night. Of course, with the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 looming on Apple's plate for the year ahead, there's an excellent possibility that Steve Jobs isn't giving much consideration to his lost shot at knighthood. After all, what's being a knight in England when you're the king of mobile technology in America?

    Source: Time Magazine
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