• PayPal Pursuing Apple for Mobile Payments Deal

    Apple, as we've been reporting, is purportedly entertaining a formal entry into the mobile payments space.

    As the Wall Street Journal noted this week, Apple is eager to move beyond the in-store mobile payments platform that retail employees use to process shoppers.

    Apple has long possessed a strong interest in digital and mobile tech-based payments. And now, the iDevice maker could be closer than ever to taking its aspirations to the next level.

    In addition to speculation that Eddy Cue, Apple’s iTunes and App Store chief, has already begun taking meetings with key industry executives to discuss Apple’s interest in developing a comprehensive mobile payments solution, now we've learned that PayPal is interested in striking a deal. And soon.

    Three payments industry executives tell Re/code that eBay-owned PayPal has been pitching Apple on helping the consumer electronics maker bring its long-rumored payments initiative to fruition.
    On Thursday, Re/code reported that PayPal is "willing to white-label parts of its payment service to be used in an Apple mobile payments system — anything from fraud detection to back-end infrastructure, even possibly down to the processing of payments."

    So will it actually happen? Some think its a long-shot that Apple would team with PayPal, but based on how aggressive we're told that PayPal is being, anything is still possible at this point.

    Source: Re/Code
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    1. ThatOneProfile's Avatar
      ThatOneProfile -
      If this is true I won't be using it.
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      If Apple goes with Paypal (who sucks) I will refuse to use it. I just ended a long relationship with them because of their crappy business practices and the fact that the treat customers as a problem.
    1. Fimeg's Avatar
      Fimeg -
      I foresee it will be called.. ApPal Mobile Payments.
    1. hogcia's Avatar
      hogcia -
      I love paypal
    1. Ibkoool's Avatar
      Ibkoool -
      Quote Originally Posted by Fimeg View Post
      I foresee it will be called.. ApPal Mobile Payments.
      Or..PayPle Mobile Payments.
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