• Apple Seeking Expanded Access to iTunes Downloads Across All iOS Devices

    Apple is said to be actively engaged in negotiations with four major record labels to give iOS device users something they desperately want - expanded access to their digital music across all of their iOS devices. As a result, progress is apparently being made, the eventual outcome of which could be a new agreement between Apple and its largest digital music providers by the middle of 2011.

    According to Bloomberg News, multiple sources familiar with the ongoing negotiations suggest that Apple is heavily lobbying the likes of Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music and Warner Music Group to expand their current licensing agreement. Such an arrangement would effectively give iTunes consumers and iOS device users more control and flexibility in accessing their paid-for digital music libraries.

    Although Apple and its major label partners aren't formally offering comment on the matter, there could very well be more on the table besides simply granting users access to the same iTunes account across the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It appears that a forthcoming deal could also provide for "permanent backup of music purchases" should the original files somehow become deleted or otherwise damaged and rendered unusable.

    Source: Bloomberg
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