• Apple Sells 1.1 Million MacBook Airs in Fourth Quarter of 2010

    The MacBook Air is a huge hit for Apple with an estimated 1.1 million 11-inch and 13-inch models sold during the fourth quarter of last year. The MacBook Air launch has been the most successful Mac launch for Apple to date. Thatís quite an achievement considering just how successful the entire MacBook line has been for Apple over the years.

    When discussing sales, Apple rarely breaks down these figures by model type. Apple prefers to keep this information to themselves in order to keep their competitors in the dark. During the fourth quarter of last year, Apple made $3.7 billion on notebooks alone with 2.9 million units sold, according to the annual shareholders conference call. However, sources inside Asia indicate that Apple did in fact sell over 1.1 million MacBook Airs during that same quarter.

    Sales for the current quarter indicate that the MacBook Air is still selling well, however, sales have dipped since they went on sale last October. So far Apple has sold fewer than 700,000 units this year.

    Although the MacBook Air line is priced higher than its competitors, people obviously donít mind paying a premium to own an Apple product. The latest MacBook Air models, while extremely light, arenít equipped with Intelís latest processors. The MacBook Air does compensate for this by including a solid-state drive as standard equipment. This improves speed considerably for all but the most processor intensive tasks.

    With the latest MacBook Pros featuring Intelís faster Sandy Bridge processors, can the MacBook Air compete using processors that are slightly out-of-date? If these sales figures are any indication, then the currently MacBook Air line has a bright future ahead of it. After all, Apple finally released an 11-inch netbook, though Iím pretty sure they would never call it that.

    Source: AppleInsider
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