• AppleCare Protection Plan Loses Tech Tools Deluxe CD

    If you’ve ever upgraded to a new Mac and purchased an AppleCare Protection Plan, then you probably have a Tech Tools Deluxe CD or two. As of March 2, Apple will no longer include a Tech Tools Deluxe CD in the retail box. AppleCare itself has not changed at all, the only real change to the program is the missing disc. AppleCare still provides customers with an extra two years of warranty increasing the total coverage to three years that includes repairs and phone support.

    So how will this affect most Apple customers? Probably not very much at all. The last time I bought a new Mac I didn’t even open the AppleCare Box, because I had already been enrolled automatically when I purchased the computer. This limited version of Tech Tools has never been of much use to most customers anyway. The full version of Tech Tools is a capable program, but the deluxe version is just too limited for most users.

    In recent years, Apple has gone to great lengths to reduce their environmental footprint. Removing the Tech Tools Deluxe CD may just be a precursor to the AppleCare retail box being retired all together. Registering AppleCare online is a more environmentally friendly option to selling a retail box. With the introduction of the Mac App Store, Apple may soon choose to eliminate boxed versions for their software altogether. I seriously doubt that consumers will see the price of Apple’s software come down, however. At one time, you could find AppleCare on eBay for a considerable discount, but Apple put a stop to that. You now have to go through an authorized reseller to purchase AppleCare. I for one would like to see the AppleCare Protection Plan be expanded and possibly include insurance coverage as well. This would make AppleCare even more indispensible than it already is. Apple is known for being an innovative company. Maybe they can put some of that innovation to use with AppleCare as well.

    Source: Apple
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