• Late 2008 MacBook and MBP Capable of 8 GB Ram with Manual Update

    It seems that the late 2008 MacBook and MacBook Pros can accept up to 8 GB of RAM. Why is this news now? Well, it had been previously stated that these machines were only capable of using 6 GB Memory, but according to Other World Computing, Apple issued a firmware update in 2009 that actually allows these machines to use 8 GB.

    Original tests had indicated that the machines would run with 8 GB, but if an application attempted to use the entire amount of memory, the computer would crash. But apparently when Apple issued a firmware update for these machines in 2009, this problem seemed to go away. The new EFI (similar to BIOS on IBM PCs) update was released, but it was said to remove an issue where the optical drive made too much noise on this machine. Nowhere was it listed that this boosted the memory capacity of these machines from 6 to 8 GB.

    Making matters more interesting is that you cannot simply update one's EFI via software update. TUAW notes that Software Update will not prompt users to update their EFI, even if it is on the older version, so most users of these machines are still only capable of running the computers at a maximum of 6 GB of ram. One can, however, upgrade the EFI manually and install an updated Boot ROM, and be up and running with an extra 2 GB memory capacity.

    This would certainly extend the life of these products a bit longer. An extra 2 GB of RAM is good for any computer, and the late 2008 mac notebooks are no exception.

    OWC (includes links for manual EFI update)
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