• Report: Apple's Retail Vision was Born in 1976

    Apple's vision for the retail juggernaut it has created over the past 13 years was born a long, long time ago, in a world much different - technologically and socially - than it is today.

    According to published reports Friday, Apple's vision for retail was born decades ago.

    Regis McKenna, an iconic Silicon Valley marketing guru, reflected this week on a meeting with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak back in 1976. Revealed during a session at the Computer History Museum on the West Coast, McKenna said Apple's retail vision is far from a new phenomenon.

    Jobs and McKenna had dinner and talked about what the future of Apple could look like, and McKenna signed on. Eventually McKenna drafted an eight-page marketing plan in December 1976. Lo and behold, what was written under "Distribution Channels"? Apple stores.
    "I had actually presented this to Apple a couple of times," McKenna said. "I had talked about putting them in different parts of the country."

    While Apple's retail presence wouldn't emerge until years later, the seed was apparently planted in 1976. And the subsequent fruits of that idea's planting have been nothing less than spectacular.

    Source: CNET
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