• AirPlay Configuration Files in iOS 7 point toward a Next-Gen Apple TV

    As rumors of an impending Apple TV continue to churn, references to a fourth-gen hardware platform for the diminutive streamer are said to have been discovered inside iOS 7 configuration files. The files reference a device identified as “AppleTV4,1” while the set-top box’s current generation hardware bears a model identifier of “AppleTV3,2.” The file string was originally discovered by developer Hamza Sood.

    A jump in the first number following the product’s name generally indicates a substantial hardware change while Apple usually boosts the second number in the case of a minor spec bump. This was most recently seen when Apple released a slightly modified third-generation Apple TV and incremented the model identifier from “AppleTV3,1” to “AppleTV3,2.”

    Numerous reports have indicated in recent weeks that an update to Apple’s favorite hobby is imminent, with some suggesting it could come as soon as March. The claims were bolstered late last month when Apple promoted the Apple TV from accessory to its own top-level product category in the company’s online store.

    What the refresh entails remains unknown but speculated has centered around the addition of a third-party App Store and gaming support but that would turn the box into what would apparently be an iOS-based game console. It should be noted that Apple’s acquisition of Israeli computer vision startup, PrimeSense, whose hardware powered Microsoft’s first-generation Kinect could play a role in the refresh as well.

    In the meantime, Apple has been busy improving the Apple TV content lineup, adding streaming channels such as WatchESPN and WatchABC in recent months. The company is believed to be plotting the addition of live television content as well, negotiating directly with content providers such as HBO in a bid to bypass traditional cable operators.

    We’ll have to wait and see what move Apple makes next.

    Source: Hamza Sood (Twitter) via 9to5Mac
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      it better not cost more... And it better have the option for 4K that would be sick....
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