• Sony Granted Access to Two Years of Geohot's PayPal Records

    On March 5th, we reported that Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero officially authorized Sony to subpoena Geohot's web provider to secure the official log of IP addresses that visited GeoHot.com between January 2009 and early 2011. In addition to Sony being given access to this information, the PS3 maker is about to delve even deeper into Geohot's personal records. This week Sony was also granted access rights to all of Geohot's PayPal records for 2009, 2010, and even January of 2011.

    The reason Sony was given access to Geohot's personal PayPal log is the same reason the company was similarly handed all of the other data it requested. According to Sony, the information will help determine whether the company should sue George "Geohot" Hotz in New Jersey or San Francisco. NJ is Geohot's home state, but San Francisco is where his jailbreak files were allegedly most downloaded (plus, San Francisco is also close to Sony headquarters and a trial close to home would be nice).

    If you're scratching your head on this one, you're not alone. After all, Sony is looking into more than 24 months of PayPal records even though the primary hack they're upset about is only a few months old. Nonetheless, even on the heels of Sony's latest over-the-top effort to publicly embarrass Geohot in front of the entire jailbreaking community, few are expressing outrage over Sony's ability to acquire this relatively sensitive information all for the sake of "making an example" out of a lone 21-year-old hacker.

    Source: Geohot, Case Docket, Register
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