• Comcast's Acquisition of TWC Raises Questions About Apple TV Content

    Late Wednesday, news broke that Comcast plans to acquire Time Warner Cable in a whopping deal worth $45 billion in stock. The deal effectively fuses the nationís two biggest cable operators.

    The boards of both companies have approved the deal, which allows for Time Warner Cable shareholders to receive $158.82 a share in stock for their shares.

    The acquisition raises ample questions about the future of content available through Apple TV. Amidst rumors that Apple is preparing a hardware refresh of its set-top box, we've been hearing chatter for months about Apple working on a deal with TWC. Apple is desperately in need of making deals with cable television operators in order to bulk up its content offerings without having to negotiate individual deals with content providers.

    Comcast, the anticipated new owner of TWC, isn't fond of doing the types of deals that Apple has been seeking with the folks at Time Warner Cable. As a result, it's now anyone's guess as to whether the progress Apple has been making with TWC will carry over and continue with Comcast executives in charge.

    Source: CNBC
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    1. xboxbml's Avatar
      xboxbml -
      Like I said earlier...I highly doubt it will happen...but if it does, I'd like to see everything on Comcast side..
    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      Worst Merger Ever
    1. NSXrebel's Avatar
      NSXrebel -
      Hmm.. the DOJ stopped AT&T from buying T-Mobile, I wonder (hope) that they will do the same here and put a stop to Comcast if this story is true. **** cable companies btw.
    1. dwizurd's Avatar
      dwizurd -
      I have AT&T UVerse in my area, I've been 100% happy with the cable quality, and the pricing, plus the customer service is top notch in my opinion. Left TWC and haven't looked back. My two pennies
    1. brownlace's Avatar
      brownlace -
      This is horrible news. I absolutely do not like ComCast.
    1. WHUDS's Avatar
      WHUDS -
      Quote Originally Posted by brownlace View Post
      This is horrible news. I absolutely do not like ComCast.
      Sounds like a "Bevis and Butt Head" reunion
    1. xboxbml's Avatar
      xboxbml -
      Comcast cable quality in my area is good. I rarely have internet issues...but in my area we have no other cable company choice yet..I was hoping for WOW but all we can get is comcast, or dish type.
    1. NSXrebel's Avatar
      NSXrebel -
      I think in most areas you don't have a choice of cable companies.
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