• Apple May Finally Unveil Revamped MobileMe Next Month

    Late last month, MobileMe went AWOL from Apple's online store. Almost instantly, we began hearing that Apple allegedly started telling third-party resellers that they discontinued the $99 boxed versions of MobileMe. For several days leading up to the iPad 2 unveiling, many believed - ultimately in error - that Apple was poised to re-introduce a revamped version of MobileMe.

    However, we may soon learn that it was only our timing that was off, not our suspicion about Apple's big plans for MobileMe. According to a new report from iLounge, someone regarded as a credible source at a prominent educational institution says "the schoolís supplier has said the current version of MobileMe is no longer available, and that Apple is suggesting new students sign up for the 60-day trial to cover the gap between the final MobileMe shipment and the launch of the new version."

    In addition, the source was told that Apple will be supporting the existing version of MobileMe for the next year, suggesting that the new version will be quite different from the existing service; the extra year of support would likely cover those who recently paid for a full year of MobileMe
    Although we've been hearing for weeks that Apple is believed to be readying MobileMe as a free service rooted in cloud-based digital lockers for one's multimedia, it now appears that the "free" part is a little less certain than it once was.

    Source: iLounge
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