• Steve Jobs Once Considered for CEO Slot at Google

    What a different tech world we may be inhabiting today had Steve Jobs actually taken the position of CEO at Google some ten years ago. If it sounds like a fictionalized daydream, think again. According to Venture capitalist John Doerr, Google's young founders were provided with an opportunity to meet with several Silicon Valley powerhouses back in 2000 in their search for sound corporate leadership. Larry Page and Sergey Brin subsequently met with leaders from Intel, Amazon, and a number of prominent industry moguls.

    But as Doerr now admits, the founding fathers of Google initially would consider only one man for the job of CEO at Google. You guessed it. Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, Jobs was busy taking Apple to new heights - a journey that millions of satisfied iDevice customers are thankful for. Still, as Brian Caulfield of Forbes pointed out yesterday, Google's eventual installation of Eric Schmidt as CEO didn't turn out too badly. Shares of Google, after all, have soared 400% since the company's IPO six years ago.

    Although we don't know what would have ultimately become of Apple - or even Google for that matter - had Steve Jobs accepted a position with the internet start-up, it certainly is amusing to speculate.

    Sources: Forbes, Wired
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