• Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.6.7, available via Software Update

    After releasing a slew of beta builds to developers as far back as January, Apple has updates Snow Leopard to version 10.6.7, and released it to the public. The update comes in at 312 MB, or as a 1.12 GB combo update download from stock Snow Leopard 10.6. According to the install notes, the update particularly affects Windows File Sharing (SMB), "various minor Mac App Store bugs," and fixes bugs for Back to My Mac.

    I've installed it on my 2011 MacBook Pro and can report no glaring issues at all with the install (it's never a bad idea to wait a day or two after a software update, just in case there's a bug or two that could be avoided simply by waiting). I tested a file share and screen share via another iMac via Back to My Mac, and can report no problems.

    As with any OS update, having a backup of your important data is always good. The update requires a reboot. You can access the download via Software Update or by heading here.

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