• 10.6.7 Causing iTunes Problems for 2010 MacBook Air

    While Apple's release of Snow Leopard 10.6.7 yesterday fixed some known issues, including the issue with the 2011 MacBook Pro screen flickering on the Apple Cinema Display, it seems that as one issue gets fixed, another arises.

    Many owners of the 2010 MacBook Air (particularly the 13-inch model) are reporting fairly significant issues with iTunes after updating to 10.6.7. According to reports on the Apple Discussions forum, users open iTunes and within a few seconds, the machine freezes, becomes unresponsive, and forces the user to force-quit the application. There does not seem to be a known solution yet.

    Owners have said that a reinstall of iTunes has worked for some. This is not the most straightforward process, but Apple offers a help page to assist users in uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes 10.2.1. Apple has not yet responded to the forum, and it is unknown if they will.

    If you're an owner of a 13-inch MacBook Air and are having this issue, make sure to check out the forum as users continue to try and solve the problem.

    Apple Discussions Forum
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