• iMac Refresh In the Next 4-6 Weeks with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt

    The rumor mill is once again abuzz with rumors of a new Mac, it appears the next line of Mac products to be refreshed is the iMac. This all spawns from a series of tweets from CNET's Brian Tong, who claims he has insider information regarding an update to the popular desktop machines.

    The tweets also add that the refresh will not see any significant design or cosmetic changes, but will include two very likely additions, Sandy Bridge processors, and the addition of a Thunderbolt port, as expected. We can also assume that the iMac will most likely see storage increases throughout, as this happens in almost all Mac refreshes.

    According to the ever-popular MacRumors Buyer's Guide, the iMac has reached the average amount of days since its last update (it was last updated in late July), making an update to the line not very surprising. If you're looking to buy an iMac, it looks like you should seriously considering waiting, if it all possible.

    Twitter: @brian_tong
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