• Mad Catz Introduces C.T.R.L.i iOS 7 Controller

    Mobile World Congress, which has recently begun in Barcelona, is an event where several new mobile devices and accessories are released. In this particular case, a new MFi (Made for iPhone) iOS 7 compatible game controller has been released. Itís a wireless controller with a removable clip for docking your device and itís called the ďC.T.R.L.i.Ē and itís made by Mad Catz. For those of you who have ever shopped around for third-party PC and console peripherals, you know thatís a fairly well-known name.

    The folks over at Engadget were able to go hands-on with the device in Barcelona, stating the following about the device:

    If the C.T.R.L.i looks familiar, thatís because itís basically the same as the accessory makerís award-winning MLG Pro Circuit controller for Xbox 360. Swapping consoles for handhelds, Mad Catz has introduced a spring-loaded mount to cater for Appleís current iPhone range and any larger devices it may or may not decide to launch in the near future (cough, 5-inch iPhone, cough). The clip is fixed with a tiny screw, allowing iPad gamers to play wirelessly without fear of a giant clip obstructing their view. In the past, iOS 7 controllers have been called out for their high price and low build quality, but in our short time with the C.T.R.L.i prototype, we were impressed with how stable the controller remained while we played, and our iPhone looked to be in no danger of falling out.
    The folks over at CNET managed to grab a video showcasing the controller in action as well:

    The iOS 7 controller space continues to fill up but we havenít seen anyone take the clear lead as of yet. Logitech and MOGA were first to market but came in with high price tags and poor build quality. Steel Series came out with their RP One which looks promising but is small in size. This leaves Mad Catz a real shot to be successful.

    The device is said to come in black, white, red, and orange with a price tag of $80, one that is cheaper than most controllers but still too high for an impulse buy.

    What do you think of Mad Catzí upcoming controller?

    Source: CNET, Engadget
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    1. Abbaroc's Avatar
      Abbaroc -
      Seems to be the best controller option currently out. Tho I do wish there was one where the iPhone snaps into the middle ala' game gear and still has Bluetooth power. I almost wish it was an mfi requirement.
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