• Mac OS X Lion Golden Master Candidate Soon to be Released

    When Apple first previewed Mac OS X Lion last October at their "Back to Mac" media event, the planned release date was scheduled for Summer 2011. It now looks as if Apple is preparing to release the first golden master candidate version to developers in the near future. Just last month Apple released a preview version of Mac OS X Lion and now they appear to be ready to release an update to that initial release.

    Development of Mac OS X Lion must be going well if Apple is already at the initial golden master stage. When Mac OS X Snow Leopard reached the GM stage of development, the final release was launched to the public only a few weeks later. If all goes well and the bugs are minimal, then we may end up seeing Lion released sooner rather than later.

    With Mac OS X Lion, Apple hopes to bridge the gap between the Mac and iOS operating systems. When Lion is finally released to the public, it will be the first Mac OS to incorporate many of the features first seen on the iPhone. Many of these new Lion features will be quite familiar to anyone who has ever used and iPhone or iPad.

    A new feature called Launchpad will allow you to access all of your Mac software in a more iOS type of way, by giving users one touch access to all of their apps. Starting with Lion, Mac apps will now behave more like iOS apps, for example, all apps will now be available in full screen mode, they will auto save and automatically resume where you left off. When itís finally released, it will be interesting to see if this convergence of operating systems is actually a benefit to end users.

    Apple may actually be ahead of schedule with Mac OS X Lion and if there aren't too many bugs to squash along the way, then we might actually see it released before summer. Apple holds its WWDC event every year in early June and they usually release new products during the event. With Mac OS X Lion development coming along nicely, I wouldn't be too surprised to see released at this yearís event. No word on the expected price as of yet, but it's sure to be more than Snow Leopard's $29 price tag.

    Source: TechCrunch
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