• US Survey Shows Apple's iPhone 5S remains the Most Popular Option

    A recently released survey of prospective US smartphone buyers found that Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S remains the most popular option for those making a purchase in the next few months but the iPhone 5C isn’t expected to make waves. Investor firm Piper Jaffray polled 1,003 US consumers about smartphone purchase intent over the next three months and 39% of those surveyed said they plan to purchase an iPhone. This number was down from 44% in December and 50% last September.

    The Cupertino California company’s iPhone 5S in particular remains the most popular option for American smartphone buyers, attracting 33% of prospective purchases, down slightly from 35% in December. This is all despite the announcement of new devices in the months since the launch of the iPhone 5S, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is scheduled to launch in April. Analyst Gene Munster said he views the results as positive news for Apple, as the iPhone 5S is approaching six months of availability on the market and many consumers may be simply waiting for Apple to launch its next handset before upgrading.

    Out of those polled, only 6% said they plan to purchase Apple’s mid-range iPhone 5C in the next three months, compared to 9% in December and 12% for the handset just after it launched last year. Munster speculated that consumers see a significant value increase in the iPhone 5S, which is priced starting at $100 more than the iPhone 5C with a two-year contract subsidy. The iPhone 5S sports a faster A7 processor, a metal back and the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

    The analyst also believes that the colors of the iPhone 5C may not be as appealing to consumers as many users just place a case over their smartphone giving it a unique look regardless of the color of the device. He continued by noting that while Apple found success bringing colors to its iPod lineup, most owners of the company’s portable media players did not place cases on their iPods.

    Furthermore, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that the market share taken by the iPhone 5C was lower than he and other officials expected it would be. The iPhone 5C sports largely the same internal components as the discontinued iPhone 5 that launched in 2012, but it features a new polycarbonate back that comes in a range of colors. Cook said that sales of the iPhone 5C are outpacing its predecessor, which was previously the mid-range iPhone 5S. Apple continues to set record quarterly iPhone sales, though growth has slowed considerably as the smartphone market has matured.

    Munster noted that he feels comfortable with his forecast of 37.5 million iPhones sold in the current March quarter, a number that would be flat over year.

    Source: Piper Jaffray via AppleInsider
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      Yikes that 5C is a dud. Back to the drawing board Apple. Guess if the phone is going to be "Cheaper" then it actually needs a significant reduction in price. Companies always want maximum profits. What do you do with a surplus of phones that are not selling at the price point intended?? :]
    1. Jhunter11710's Avatar
      Jhunter11710 -
      Paint them gold and call them Iphone 6au?
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