• Apple Rolls Out Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2

    On Wednesday, Apple rolled out the second developer preview of its next-generation operating system - Mac OS X Lion, which is scheduled to launch this summer and expected to be a central focus of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (June 6th-10th) in San Francisco.

    Despite initial reports to the contrary, this next beta version of Mac OS X Lion is not a Gold Master. The Developer Preview 2 (build number 11A419) is now available to registered Mac OS X devs. Any developer looking to obtain this latest release must visit developer.apple.com and submit a formal request for a redemption code.

    We are already hearing that Apple has refreshed the iCal interface to more closely resemble that of the iPad. This makes some degree of sense given that Apple is already teasing Lion as a veritable fusion between “the power of OS X and The magic of iPad.”

    Nonetheless, the update is much too fresh for any depth of insight into what revisions and tweaks were made, though it's a safe bet that Apple promptly tackled the many bugs that the dev community was incredibly vocal about when the last preview release was issued. In February, Apple made the very surprising move to formally invite security and software experts to rip Mac OS X 10.7 apart in search of any potential and hard to find security weaknesses.

    Source: Apple
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