• Pebble Releases Version 2.0 of its Software and Announces New Partnerships

    Pebble recently announced a trio of partners for its wrist-worn platform with official applications from eBay, Evernote and Time Warner Cable now available on the Pebble app store. The new eBay application for Pebble allows users to quickly access their eBay Feeds and discover products while products can be added to Watch lists with the press of a button. The Evernote application also gives access to Checklists, Reminders and Notebooks on the wrist, while Time Warner Cable allows Intelligent Home subscribers to control their home on their Pebble.

    Also launched this week was a new Digital DriveStyle application from Mercedes-Benz, providing drivers with vehicle information, road hazards and speed notifications on their wrists, all available at a glance.

    The recent application debuts coincided with the launch of the Pebble app store for Android smartphone owners. For those of you who didn’t know, the Pebble app store has been available on Apple’s iOS platform for over a month but just recently was made available to Android users.

    Flagship partners for Pebble at last month’s iOS launch included FourSquare, GoPro and ESPN. The app store is seemingly compatible with all Pebble watches, from the earliest Kickstarter-backed units to the new Pebble Steel.

    The company said that the launch of the app store on Android took “a bit longer than expected” in order to ensure that the platform was up to par with what iOS users have had for the last month.

    Source: The Next Web
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    1. c1972798's Avatar
      c1972798 -
      Would be good if it wasn't low quality black and white. Looks 1990s style.
      These days its all hi res and color so I cant see anyone wanting one of these.
    1. hemptation's Avatar
      hemptation -
      Actually. My wife and I both love ours. The black and white/ paper display. Allows it to hold a charge for about 5 days

      And there is a whole bunch of us nobody's who already own it. Lol.
    1. hughdman's Avatar
      hughdman -
      Yes, I love mine as well. The biggest kickstarter item in history. All the reviews, even todays say the pebble is still better than the latest try -hard gadgets. As a notification accessory, it's perfect. I first thought, it was a gimmick, but it's a timesaver. (pardon the pun) I can't see anyone wanting one of these is so far of the mark, it's comical.
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