• Samsung A8 Chip Manufacturing Issues "Overly Exaggerated," Still Splitting with TSMC

    According to ZDNet Korea, Samsung may end up playing a larger role in the production of Apple’s next generation A8 processor than previously rumored. The report claims that the Korean company has already signed a contract to produce the A8 processor at its Austin Texas plant and is in the final stages of testing before mass production begins.

    The latest information from an anonymous Samsung official contradicts an earlier report that mentioned Samsung was struggling with poor yields of the A8 processor and couldn’t meet Apple’s demands. As a result, the bulk of A8 chip production was said to be shifting to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). These “manufacturing issues” were “exaggerated claims” according to the Samsung source, who stated that the company is ready to start mass production of the A8 Q2 2014.

    Although Samsung and TSMC may be splitting the production of the A8 chip, the latter already appears to have a lead on the South Korean manufacturer. A recent report from Taiwan’s Commercial Times claims that TSMC has already started production of the next-generation chip.

    For those of you who didn’t know, Samsung has been the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A-series chips, but Apple has been looking to depend less on its rival by shifting some of its orders to TSMC. Apple reportedly struck a deal with TSMC in 2013 to start A-series chip production early in 2014.

    We’ll have to wait and see what the actual case is when more concrete information is released.

    Source: ZDNet Korea via GforGames
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