• Steve Jobs Resignation Talk Likely an April Fool's Prank

    At lot of folks have apparently forgotten what today's date is. Over the last few hours, multiple mainstream and Mac-related media outlets have picked up on the unconfirmed report that Steve Jobs is resigning as CEO of Apple. But nowhere is the rumor machine on overdrive more than Twitter - you know, the bastion of journalistic integrity that comes in bursts of 140 characters, just like Walter Cronkite used to do it.

    My calls to Apple inquiring about this rumor were not returned. But even the most adamant rumor-crazy speculators across the broad tech blogosphere aren't jumping on this highly dubious report until more evidence emerges. I take that back - until any evidence emerges. Regardless, the date isn't stopping everyone from believing the talk.

    Two months ago, it should be noted, when Steve Jobs announced yet another medical leave from Apple, rumors abounded that Jobs was either close to resignation or death. Neither, fortunately, have proven true. In fact, Jobs astonished many when he lead the iPad 2 unveiling presentation one month ago and, by all accounts, looked pretty darn good.

    So, in short, the tech blogosphere is teeming with rumors on a daily basis - some of which ultimately prove to have some vestiges of truth behind them. Today, however, be wary to believe anything you don't personally see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Even then I'd have my doubts
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