• Microsoft to Release New Version of Office for Mac Some Time This Year

    It has been quite a while since the last major release of Microsoft Office for Mac. The latest version of the software suite currently is Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac, and it's now 2014.

    According to Thorsten Hübschen, Microsoft's office product manager in Germany, Microsoft is getting ready to release another major release of Microsoft Office for Mac sometime this year. More specifically, "big news" is expected near the second quarter of 2014.

    Microsoft is expected not only to release an updated version of Microsoft Office for Mac, but also an iOS version of the productive software suite is expected to go live sometime in the near future, even after being teased for nearly two years now.

    No specific dates have been confirmed at this point in time, but those looking forward to the update that will contain new features and user interfaces changes should stay tuned for the latest news about Microsoft Office for Mac.

    Sources: MacWorld via MacRumors
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    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      I use Word and PPT almost everyday, so it's nice that a newer version is coming out. I'm just not sure if there will be any huge changes that will really separate the new and old. The Windows version is definitely more powerful, but I wouldn't expect both to be the same considering it's a Microsoft product. I do get an education discount, so I'll probably end up upgrading regardless.
    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      I use Word a lot to create large reports. It's as buggy now as years ago. Why can't they make the thing actually be useful?
    1. blueaviator's Avatar
      blueaviator -
      It would be great if they make it Retina compatible! Working with MS Office in a retina MacBook Pro... It's horrible
    1. jcbhome's Avatar
      jcbhome -
      Hoping they include OneNote this time around it would be great to get rid of my windows parallels that I have just for OneNote
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