• New Final Cut Update Coming April 12?

    The internet is blowing up once again with reports of a new Apple release, this time there is news of some under-loved software, the industry-defining movie editing software, Final Cut Pro. And we've got some new reason to believe that we may see this one in a week's time.

    The report first came from ProVideoCoalition. They state that Apple plans on releasing the product in conjunction with the Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet, which takes place one week from today, April 12:

    Apple will be using the Vegas Supermeet to announce the next version of Final Cut Pro. Supposedly, Apple will be taking over the entire event for their announcement, canceling all other sponsors, including AJA, Avid, Canon, BlackMagic, Autodesk and others, who were set to give presentations.
    Although this rumor has not been officially confirmed, there's reason to believe this rumor has some validity. Apple has apparently demanded they be the only with main stage time, ousting many other popular video companies, including Canon, Avid, and Autodesk, who've all confirmed that Apple will be the head honcho at the event.

    We have no reports on what the update of Final Cut will include, although we did hear rumor in both February and November that Apple planned on releasing the software in Spring 2011. Well, hear we are- we'll let you know if Apple delivers.

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