• BananaTunes - Stream Music from iDevice to a Mac

    We posted about Banana TV a while back, which lets you use a Mac as an AirPlay destination for video. We're working with developer Erica Sadun to market the app, and so I see the support emails daily - the most common one being "when can I stream audio"?

    With the recent discovery of the AirTunes private key, it's now possible to integrate streaming audio from an iOS device to any Mac running a new beta build of Banana Tunes (which is the app Erica is using to beta test this new streaming possibility). She's been feverishly developing and researching the past couple weeks to get audio streaming working from iOS to OS X. The hope is it will be integrated into a future build of Banana TV.

    You can download the beta files from her FTP at ericasadun.com/ananab. There's two links there - an install pack (read the readme inside to see how to install) and the actual Banana Tunes app.

    Test away, folks! Erica would love your feedback on how the app is working, as it will help development.
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