• Apple Expands its iPhone 5c Ads to The New York Times and Yahoo.com

    Apple debuted many different iPhone 5c ads on Tumblr in early March and the company has now expanded their campaign to The New York Times and Yahoo.com’s front page. Yahoo’s homepage currently has an ad block on the right hand side of the page, which shows eight different colored iPhone 5c ads with a “Find your colors” tagline. Each ad has a short animation, which mirrors a few of Tumblr’s original ads.

    Each video has a series of dots that are in different arrangements, which eventually forms a line like the ones on the back of iPhone 5c’s cases. It then zooms outwards to showcase the full iPhone 5c. Approximately 17 different animated iPhone 5c ads are being shown around the web including both The New York Times website and on Yahoo’s properties earlier this week.

    It has been known that Apples been advertising the iPhone 5c aggressively since its release, however, social media sites like Tumblr is something different and new for them. The company typically sticks to television commercials, billboards and other kinds of traditional advertising, but web advertising is nothing new for them as Your Verse ads have been seen on a range of sites.

    It has been reported that the campaign on the Times website has ended, but don’t be surprised if you see the animated advertisement on other websites, as Apple is trying to further market the iPhone 5c to more consumers. During Apple’s Q1 2014 earnings call, they revealed that they received lower than expected sales for the iPhone 5c due to the high demand for the iPhone 5s. It has been noted by a few reports that the iPhone 5s was outselling the 5c by a 2-1 margin and Apple had to scale back iPhone 5c production shortly after the release.

    Source: MediaPost
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