• Apple HDTV? What Apple HDTV?

    For a time last year, it was the only Apple-related rumor you heard about. Apple, supposedly, was in the process of developing a revolutionary living room experience in the form of a connected iOS-powered HDTV. From speculation that a prototype was already in Cupertino, to chatter that the supply chain was busy gearing up for production, Apple's HDTV seemed like a sure thing.

    But now, not everyone is so sure that this product is coming any time soon... if ever. So what exactly happened?

    The answer is far from straightforward, as a multitude of factors have likely influenced Apple's decision to slow its push into the HDTV market. One of those factors, ostensibly, could be the slowdown in the global HDTV market. In fact, just this week, IHS Technology reported that "the global TV market continues to be in transition following a golden period of tremendous growth from 2009 to 2011."

    All told, last year HDTV sales fell by approximately 10%. So why would Apple enter a market clearly in decline? Instead, Apple may be choosing to focus its efforts on a product category that consumers can't get enough of - streaming set-top boxes. In addition to the estimated $1 billion Apple reportedly raked in from Apple TV sales last year, competing services and products are logging big sales too. Even Amazon is rumored to be entering the set-top box market later this spring.

    In recent weeks, sources in Cupertino have revealed that Apple will soon refresh (for the first time in two years) the hardware of its Apple TV. With everything from a camera, to wicked new functionalities rumored for the Apple TV, perhaps Apple's living room experiment will remain limited to the Apple TV... at least for now.

    By all accounts, chatter of an Apple HDTV coming any time soon is simply dead in the water.

    Source: IHS Pressroom
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    1. wiipro's Avatar
      wiipro -
      Too small
    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      I personally am dead against an Apple-made TV because I believe there's no reason to put technology that needs updated every couple years into technology that should only need updated every 5-10 year minimum.

      The camera option really has me worried they will do a TV. The reason why is some kind of add-on or plgu-in camera just won't work well. Consumers will have to attach the thing to their TV somehow, and all TV's are different shapes and sizes, making the process difficult and somewhat frustrating: 2 things Apple is always against. Also, it'll just kind of ugly up your HT setup to have some camera attached. And we know Apple is against that kind of ugly!

      So really the only way Apple can do an Apple TV camera that apple way is to integrate it into a TV they also sell. But maybe my idea of the Apple way is slowly dying since Steve is gone and maybe they will do some awkward, ugly clip-on style camera. Or maybe it's all bad rumor.

      Just give me games and a controller already!!!
    1. Villebilly's Avatar
      Villebilly -
      Not sure why you would think they can't do software updates to Apple TV....just like my ipad 2 runs 7.0.6 just fine.
      Although it would be easier to just do the box than a TV, and easier to replace if the hardware actually got outdated.
      I also think they need games, App Store, and controller. Why not just put the camera in the controller?

      I think the biggest holdup isn't as much technology related as it is working with the big cable companies etc. They should have bought Netflix before they blew up.
    1. claustin's Avatar
      claustin -
      I don't care what they do as long as they get friggin iTunes extras working on the thing.
    1. spectrum's Avatar
      spectrum -
      Quote Originally Posted by claustin View Post
      I don't care what they do as long as they get friggin iTunes extras working on the thing.
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