• Top Gaming PR Executives Heading to Apple

    Rumor has it that top PR executives from Activision and Nintendo are heading over to Apple according to a new report coming out of MVC. Apple clearly intends to focus more attention on the merits of iOS gaming with these new hires.

    Rob Saunders, the head of PR at Nintendo UK, will shortly be joining Apple to focus on PR for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Saunders has had a hand in some of Nintendo's most successful console launches including the Wii and Nintendo DS. He's been with Nintendo for the past seven years, and is more than qualified to join Apple and handle PR for them.

    Apple also appears to have lured away Nick Grange from his PR are duties at Activision. Grange has had a long and fruitful career, working for some of the biggest names in the world of video gaming including Electronic Arts and Microsoft. In 2007 he joined Activision where is currently the European PR director.

    It's currently unclear what new roles Saunders and Grange will play at Apple. Although Apple is a relative newcomer to the gaming market, one thing is certain, however, the industries heavy hitters clearly see Apple as a threat to their market dominance. Smart phone gaming has risen and 43 percent, while sales of Nintendo DS and Sony PSP games has fallen by 13 percent, according to a December 2010 report by Interpret. Hopefully, Apple will put this new talent to good use and continue to innovate and improve iOS gaming for everyone.

    Source: MCV
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