• Apple Sending New Hires To The Clouds

    I know, I know. We've heard a whole lot of talk about Apple investing in cloud-based services - or "digital lockers" - in the "very near future." To date, nothing has manifested. But an interesting set of new job openings posted on Apple's corporate website suggest that there's reason to keep hope alive for these long-rumored cloud based services.

    Apple is looking to augment is Cupertino team with some new cloud-friendly engineers. In the past 48 hours, Apple has posted new job listings for several positions, one of which - most interestingly - is for a "Cloud Systems Software Engineer." In the job posting, Apple says the new hire will be absorbed into a "small team" entrusted with the responsibility of bulking up "the future of cloud services at Apple."

    From gargantuan new data centers to new job openings at the company, Apple is clearly gearing up for a major play toward the clouds. Unfortunately, however, it remains unclear how soon or how elaborate the initial foray will prove. At least it finally appears that we're getting closer than ever to having this mystery solved.

    Many believe this summer's World Wide Developer's Conference - which may or may not involve a preview of the iPhone 5 - will set the stage for the future of Apple's cloud-based products and services. In the absence of any hot new mobile gadgets and refreshed product lines, Apple will surely need to wow audiences with its software and operating system advancements - advancements that may be embellished by cloud-based attributes presently in development.

    Source: Apple Insider
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