• Apple Supposedly Seeks to Release an iTunes App for Android

    It has been reported by Billboard that Apple is in the talks with major record labels to release an on-demand streaming service similar to Spotify, to help increase iTunes music sales. Apple is also supposedly looking to release an official iTunes app for the Android operating system. What’s in the talks is said to be part of a larger strategy in preventing the decline in U.S. iTunes downloads. Nielson SounScan has found that for the week of March 9th, digital album sales were down 13% and per-track sales were down 11% compared to the same time a year ago. There are also claims that Apple is discussing with labels to score exclusive rights for music content on iTunes for a set period of time.

    An unnamed source from a major label quoted:

    They are feeling out some people at labels on thoughts about transitioning its customers from iTunes proper to a streaming service. So when you buy a song for $1.29, and you put it in your library, iTunes might send an e-mail pointing out that for a total of, say, $8 a month you can access that song plus all the music in the iTunes store. It's all in the 'what if' stage.
    Out of all the different music streaming services, Pandora dominates nearly one third of the market. Pandora took a major hit during the launch of the iTunes Radio, but has recovered since and is back on track in having a positive growth of users. It has also been said that approximately 40% of users who listen to Pandora also listen to iTunes Radio.

    Despite its competition with services like Spotify and Beats Music, iTunes continues to have a large impact on the music industry, creating more than 40% of U.S. recorded sales revenue. This percentage will definitely help Apple push for an expansion on its own streaming service.

    Source: Billboard
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    1. fanboyfanboy's Avatar
      fanboyfanboy -
      If they get android and windows support, along with the supposed on demand they want to add, it would take #1.
    1. PCYoda's Avatar
      PCYoda -
      This'd be a mistake for Apple hardware sales, particularly if iTunes on Android allowed syncing music from your PC/Mac to an Android phone. One of the primary reasons I didn't switch to Android in the last go-around of updating my phone from an iPhone 4S was the pain that I thought it'd be to migrate my music collection to something more easily syncable, since I've been using iTunes ever since the original 5GB iPod came along. If I could've synced iTunes to an Android device, I would've strongly considered abandoning the iPhone.
    1. GenesisDH's Avatar
      GenesisDH -
      I could see Apple allowing Android users a means to get iTunes Radio (and rumored on-demand service) and the iTunes store for music (as those are DRM-free), but not video content.
      Apple should be wary of allowing DRM-enabled video content to work as that would effectively cripple iOS device sales.

      Then again, Apple has clearly changed their approaches particularly since Jobs' passing.
    1. Mrinfame's Avatar
      Mrinfame -
      If the iTunes app allowed to sync android device to a pc itunes,it would be the best of both worlds...unfortunately since Job's passing...apple has dropped the ball on the iPhone...i miss the 4s and down days...i still have an iphone and ipod and syncing and jailbreaking is my fav thing...but android is taking the smartphone game out of the ballpark...steve your missed
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