• Chitika: Apple's iPhone 5 Gained Users the Fastest, Samsung Displaced Android Companies

    A recent report on North American adoption of smartphones found that the iPhone 5 gained users the fastest, building upon Apple’s lead in the US and Canadian market share. Samsung phones displaced other Android devices giving the Korean giant a large portion of Android’s user base. The Chitika Insights report profiled the web analytics of Apple’s late 2012 iPhone 5 and Samsung’s early 2013 Galaxy S4. It charted the adoption of each model over the first two months of each model’s release. The report noted the following:

    Just one week following the iPhone 5 hitting the shelves at U.S. and Canadian retailers, the device's users were already generating close to 4% of all iPhone traffic across the continent.
    The report also observed the following:

    Despite Samsung not besting Apple in terms of adoption of its flagship smartphone, the Korean company has succeeded in dominating the North American Android marketplace.
    Overall, Chitika’s comparative web traffic statistics indicate that Apple’s share of all North American traffic grew by 2% between February 2013 and January 2014, increasing from 65% to 67%, while Samsung declined by two points, falling from a 35% share to 33%. Chitika stated the following:

    Continental usage of Apple products generally outperform its market share, likely indicating that users are highly engaged with the company's devices as compared to those of its competitors. Samsung has invested heavily in the North American mobile marketplace, and its devices easily drive the most Android Web traffic.
    Samsung dominance among Android smartphones is a particular concern for Google as the Korean tech giant has been working to deliver Tizen, a Linux-based mobile operating system that the company wants to use as a drop in replacement for Google’s Android. The company has already migrated its watch product to use the new software instead of Android.

    Source: Chitika Insights
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