• Survey Reveals Penchant for Apple Products Among IT Decision Makers

    The team at Parallels, a worldwide leader in hosting and cloud services enablement and cross-platform solutions, has published the findings of its latest survey, revealing that a growing number of IT decision makers are developing a stronger-than-ever appetite for Apple products in the workplace.

    "Apple urged consumers to 'Think Different' more than a decade ago," the company says on its website. "Today employees are following suit. Accepting a company-issued PC was once standard protocol, but many now believe that requesting an Apple device or the ability to use your own is a right."

    The findings of the new survey reveal that nearly half of the businesses surveyed (45%) now offer Macs to their employees. More impressively, just over three-quarters of those surveyed (77%) admit that Apple is more reliable than competing product and service providers (namely Windows).

    A lack of familiarity with Apple products, however, is still holding back some companies from fully embracing Apple. 70% of those who remain outside of the Apple product ecosystem are one step removed from Macs due to their "lack of expertise" when it comes to managing Apple gadgets.

    All told, it's promising news for Apple, which continues to erode Microsoft's dominance in the enterprise sector. By the end of next year, Apple is projected to retain better than 10% of the global business market.

    Source: Parallels (via AppleInsider)
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      Average unit price is still the biggest factor holding Apple's leg on the business market.
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