• iMac Refresh Imminent

    9 to 5 Mac is reporting Apple has started notifying customers that their recent iMac purchases would not be shipped till next week. This seems to confirm CNET’s Brian Tong ‘s report new iMacs would be due out by the end of April or the first week in May.

    Prospective iMac owners have eagerly anticipated the update after the Macbook Pro refresh saw the implementation of Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and the Thunderbolt I/O technology. The iMac refresh is expected to include processor and I/O bumps the Macbook’s had as well as an increase in the base hard drive size to 1TB expandable to 3TB. The rumored change in screen sizes and case design appear have been just that, rumor.

    Also, loose-lipped Apple employees have splashed message boards at MacRumors.com and 9 to 5 Mac with rumors of a $100 price drop on current iMac models starting this Friday in store. All things considered that’s hardly incentive to purchase a Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt-less iMac.

    What would you, the ModMyi community, like to see in the new iMacs?

    Sources: 9 to 5 Mac and MacRumors
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