• Apple Introduces Short Video Ads and Makes it Easier to Create and Buy iAds

    Apple appears to be making it easier for anyone to create an ad campaign using its iAd Workbench mobile advertising tool. As noted by the folks over at Ad Age, the company is now allowing any person with an Apple ID to open an iAd Workbench account and create an ad campaign, a feature previously restricted to registered developers. The changes will make it simpler for advertisers who are both small and large to create ads for the platform. The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

    At the onset of its mobile-ad business, Apple extended olive branches to a select group of brands, promising premier reach. But advertisers pushed back against its pricey offerings. Now, it appears Apple has concluded money in mobile ads comes from a wide net; in short, it'll look more like Google.
    The Cupertino California company is also introducing new features to Workbench, its web-based platform used for tracking and launching campaigns. Users can now include short videos in an ad, which will be displayed full screen on the iPad and the iPhone, similar to the way they were first described earlier this year. Previously, iPhone ads were limited to less obtrusive banners that needed to be tapped before a video would play. iAds are also given the ability to send viewers to websites or promoted iTunes content, rather than just mobile apps.

    As of right now, the iAd Workbench expansion is limited to mobile ads and doesn’t extend to iTunes Radio. Ad buyers were able to pay based on cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand impressions. The company is hoping to attract new advertisers to the iAd platform with the introduction of videos and the simplification of account creation.

    Since its debut in 2010, iAd has been largely unsuccessful in gaining advertising partners but Apple has been aiming to revive the iAd platform since the introduction of its iTunes Radio. Several major partners including McDonald’s, Nissan, Pepsi, and Procter & Gamble signed up for iAd when iTunes Radio debuted and Apple has managed to increase iAd revenue to $260 million in 2013 from 438 million in 2011. With their efforts, the iAd platform is likely to grow quite some more.

    Source: Apple via Ad Age
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