• Is Apple Hiding a Castle in The Clouds?

    An interesting find from France is raising speculation about what Apple has planned for the future of cloud storage and related "digital locker" products and services. All we can say for certain is that the current Mac OS X Lion developer preview hints at the most convincing evidence yet that something significant is in the works.

    French blog Consomac discovered the following in their comprehensive search through Lion's strings for tell-tale references to "Find My Mac," "iCloud," or "MobileMe": "Complete your Castle upgrade," and "Click OK to open System Preferences and complete your upgrade from MobileMe to Castle."

    According to MacRumors, which picked up on Consomac's find and sparked this latest round of speculation, "Castle" is what our French investigator friends think is code-name for Apple's long awaited (and frankly I'm tired of talking about it) cloud services that will eventually be renamed "iCloud" ahead of the next OS launch.

    Earlier this week we covered Apple's purported purchase of the iCloud.com domain for an estimated price tag of better than $4 million. When will we know for sure that anything cloud-esque is, indeed, on the horizon? I'm guessing WWDC. If we're not getting a new iPhone in June, something must be poised to wow us in its place. And it's a very, very safe bet at this point that the "something" in question will call the cloud its home.

    Source: Consomac, MacRumors
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