• New Service: Apple Customer Pulse

    According to MacRumors several members of their site have been asked, via email, to join a new customer feedback program called Apple Customer Pulse.

    Apple values your opinion and invites you to participate in a survey about your Apple products. Your responses will remain completely confidential, and results will be viewed only in aggregate. The survey should take five minutes or less to complete.- MacRumors
    While apple has asked for feedback from customers before, this is much more extensive and systematic effort. The Pulse program allows users who sign up for the program to recieve up to two surveys a month. The surveys are used to assess the customers usage and thoughts of Apple products on an ongoing basis.

    Users, once signed up, have a username, profile, and "posts." The service is provided by "Socratic Technolgies, a San Francisco-based market research firm that has worked with other tech companies such as Adobe to gather customer input," according to MacRumors. The AppleCustomerPulse.com domain name was registered in late january and appears to be running off of Socratic's servers and not Apples.

    Have any Modmyi users been invited to participate in the Pulse program?

    It seems to be invite only right now, as any attempts to click on the "would you like to join" link just opens a broken page.

    Sources: MacRumors and Apple Customer Pulse
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