• Apple Taps Talent from Broadcom

    According to freshly published reports Wednesday, Apple has procured some top industry talent from Broadcom.

    Purportedly attracting senior RF engineers from Broadcom, rumors are escalating this morning that the Cupertino, California based tech giant is cultivating a strong new in-house baseband team.

    Although we're just learning this week that Apple hired two individuals from the wireless semiconductor company, the engineers in question have now been with Apple, we believe, for several weeks if not months.

    Based on details derived from their updated LinkedIn profiles, former Broadcom principal engineer Paul Chang become a senior program manager in February. It also appears that Boadcom veteran Xiping Wang came to Apple in January. Both men were with Broadcom for at least a decade before jumping ship to Apple.

    According to details shared by our friends at Apple Insider, Apple has now attracted close to three-dozen talented mid- and senior-level baseband software and hardware engineers from the likes of Broadcom and Qualcomm since Tim Cook became CEO.

    Source: Apple Insider
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    1. buggsy2's Avatar
      buggsy2 -
      Oh. So now a free market for labor is ok. Wish Jobs were alive just to see him squirm with the conspiracy lawsuit.
    1. TooSlo's Avatar
      TooSlo -
      Considering how important Broadcom is in the NFC world, I'm willing to bet that we see an iteration of the iPhone with NFC before the major chip & pin conversion that's slated for the middle/end of 2015. Seems the huge Target breach last year is causing EMV to push their hand in creating a more secure payment system in the States.

      Readers outside the US likely already have chip & pin cards, so they may not understand why this could actually be a big deal. EMV is granting lower processing fees on "secure" technologies, and NFC qualifies for the lowest fee payment system. If Apple is planning on getting onboard with payment methods such as this, they will need to make a transition to using NFC or some similar based payment system.
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