• Reuters: Apple Takes a Pass on Patent Grab with Intellectual Ventures

    Despite Apple's well-known penchant for patents, the Cupetino, California-based iDevice maker is sitting out the latest opportunity to take part in a patent grab with patent buyer Intellectual Ventures.

    Although Intellectual Ventures has successfully courted the likes of Microsoft and Sony to invest in its most recent acquisition fund, Apple is taking a pass this time around. At a time when debate rages as to whether patent buying firms are helpful or hurtful for innovation in the tech space, Apple seems to be removing itself from that discussion for now.

    "Microsoft and Sony's investments give IV a fresh war chest to buy new patents," Kevin Jakel, chief executive of Unified Patents, tells Reuters. Nonetheless, Apple's decision, which is a departure from its support in the past for patent buying efforts, is "significant," Jakel believes.

    Created 14 years ago, Intellectual Ventures has successfully raised $6 billion and acquired 70,000 patents and related intellectual property assets. As of the latest data available, the average rate of return for IV's 2003 fund was 16.2%. Intellectual Ventures claims to have earned more than $3 billion in licensing fees since its inception in 2000.

    Source: Reuters
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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      Apple is often labeled a patent troll. Interesting when it comes to having the opportunity to deal with a true patent trolls, Apple is one that chooses not to.
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