• Best Tweaks of the Week April 7 - April 13

    This recap will go over the best tweaks that we've shown you this week. It's certainly not all of them, but we think these are some of the most notable. These are in no specific order.

    1. pushNotify 99

    If you're one to like the idea of being able to see your iOS notifications on your Mac, then check out a new jailbreak tweak called pushNotify. With this tweak, you can easily set up a Wi-Fi notification network where your iOS notifications appear on your Mac OS X computer. This is great for the average OS X user that wants to be able to see their iOS notifications in one place with all of their OS X notifications. If you would like to learn more about pushNotify, then check out our full review of the tweak at this link.

    2. CustomCover 99

    Listening to music is something that a lot of iOS device users have in common. A new jailbreak tweak called CustomCover lets you theme the appearance of the album artwork on your Lock Screen. With it, you can make the album artwork appear torn, in a CD album, or even as a vinyl. There are a bunch of themes to pick from. It adds a nice touch of realism to the Lock Screen when you're listening to music, and it works with not only the stock Music application, but also with third-party music applications. If you want to read more about CustomCover, head over to this link.

    3. DisturbPlease $1.99

    While iOS comes with a pretty handy Do Not Disturb feature, it does lack some basic functionality that could be really useful. A new jailbreak tweak called DisturbPlease aims to bring new features to Apple's Do Not Disturb, including per-day sessions, and the ability to enable messaging notifications from specific groups. If you're interested in improving Do Not Disturb on your iOS device, check out our review of DisturbPlease at this link.

    4. SpringPaper $1.99

    iOS lets you set a wallpaper for your background for both the Home Screen and the Lock Screen. Unfortunately, the wallpaper is the same... all the time. If you want a nice wallpaper that automatically cycles between different pictures, then check out SpringPaper. This tweak lets you select multiple photos, as well as a refresh interval, and even an animation for the refresh. Once you configure it, you'll never have just one wallpaper image again. Your wallpaper will refresh almost like a screensaver on your PC. You can read our full review of SpringPaper at this link.

    5. SaveGram FREE

    SaveGram is a simple new jailbreak tweak that lets you save images from your Instagram media feed. It adds a new Save button to the share menu under the media that you're looking at. You can read our full review of the SaveGram jailbreak tweak at this link.

    Stay tuned for our next Best Tweaks of the Week - only on ModMyi!

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