• Violence Breaks Out Saturday at Beijing Apple Store

    An ugly scene was depicted Saturday at Apple's flagship store in Beijing, and the specific cause of the violence remains shrouded in some degree of mystery. "Penn-Olson: The Asian Tech Catalog" has published a brief account of the scuffle that resulted in shattered glass and at least one beaten, bloodied Apple customer.

    According to the report, the incident "left one man – allegedly – beaten by a 'foreign Apple employee,' three other people injured, and a few panes of glass shattered." As we know, the iPad 2 went on sale at China's four Apple stores as recently as Friday. Although it isn't yet clear if the tussle was related to the new Apple product in some fashion, the long lines and swelling, frustrated crowds may have played a role in pushing the "Apple employee" in question over the edge.

    It should be noted, however, that an incomplete picture remains of what actually transpired at this particular retail location. It should come as no surprise that Apple is yet to comment on the matter. And, as of this writing, no major media outlets have picked up on this still developing story.

    The most serious and troubling allegation – for Apple, in legal and PR terms – is that “a foreign employee” actually “beat one Chinese man with an iron rod”, in the heat of the incident. No pictures or other evidence can prove this particular detail, at this time.
    We'll keep you posted as more details and incident specifics emerge in the coming hours or days.

    Source: Penn-Olson: The Asian Tech Catalog
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