• Expanding mHealth Industry Has Much to Do with Apple

    Over the last twenty-four months, the mobile health industry (mHealth) has grown at an incredible pace. Illustrating the inextricable fusion of contemporary healthcare with modern mobile technologies, it's difficult to find many physicians that aren't constantly connected these days. But the beepers of yesterday have largely been replaced by the smartphones and tablets of today. And this rapid transition clearly has more to do with Apple than most folks realize.

    According to the findings from a new survey by Manhattan Research, 75 percent of doctors in the United States - yes, 75% - own some form of Apple device. Whether an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, doctors love their iDevices. And the relationship been doctors and their Apple devises is only growing stronger.

    Published May 4th, the study shows that Apple's iPhone is, hands down, the overwhelming favorite smartphone among doctors.
    "Obviously, it speaks to the popularity of Apple among physicians," James Avallone, a senior digital health care analyst for Manhattan Research, says in an interview with eWeek. "They clearly are moving toward these devices and this operating system overall."

    Already in 2011, the growth of the mHealth industry has re-directed the aspirations of many professional iOS developers - devs who now accurately perceive the opportunities inherent to the industry. ModMedical, for instance, is one example of the growing number of companies that now specialize in the production of iOS apps exclusively for medical companies (note the familiar look and feel of the site )

    Driven in no small part by the widespread popularity of Apple gadgets, more and more physicians and healthcare providers now desire m-health applications to run on their iDevices. Consequently, a whole new world of opportunities has opened up for talented developers with their finger on the pulse - pun intended - of the burgeoning business of mHealth.

    Source: eWeek
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