• Speculation of Angela Ahrendt's Start Date at Apple Increases

    It is still unknown as to when incoming Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts will be leaving her current position at Burberry to head on over to Apple. However, speculation has been going around that the fashion executive may be delaying her departure so that she can collect Burberry share bonuses worth as much as £8 million. April is the end of the six-month period Ahrendts is obligated contractually to serve after resigning. But according to The Guardian, they believe that she might not be leaving for Apple until June so that she can receive her two separate multimillion-pound bonuses. Others are speculating she Ahrendts is trying to negotiate a deal between Apple and Burberry to leave in May but still be able to collect some or even all of the bonuses.

    Rahul Sharma, Neev Capital analyst told The Guardian,

    It's a big sum of money. In some ways it would be good to see the business moving on after six months of handover time. You want to see clarity.
    When Apple announced Ahrendts’ hire, they only said that she would be joining sometime “in the spring.” June will mark over a year and a half Apple retail stores have been without a senior-level leader after firing former retail chief John Browett in 2012. Ahrendts will be taking over a larger part of the company than Browett and Apple retail executive Ron Johnson. She will be overseeing brick-and-mortar and online retail operations.

    Source: The Guardian
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