• Samsung Teams with Swiss Clock Maker

    Samsung has struck a deal with a Swiss clock maker that hasn't enjoyed the happiest of relationships with Apple in recent years.

    Samsung Electronics confirms that its various devices have been chosen for a "technology buildout" at Swiss Federal Railways. Consequently, Samsung will provide thousands (at least 30,000 mobile devices in all) to Switzerland's state-owned rail company.

    Just two years ago, upon the introduction of iOS 6, critics blasted Apple for ripping off SBB's famous clock face design that dates back to 1944 when it was created by Swiss engineer Hans Hilfiker. To this day, that clock design is the property of SBB. Some weren't pleased with Apple's strikingly close - okay, it's pretty much exact - emulation (see image above - Apple's design is on the right).

    Subsequent reports, however, suggested that Apple ultimately paid north of $20 million for the right to license the clock's design.

    Reto Scharli, a spokesman for SBB, tells Bloomberg that railway operator's decision to partner with Samsung "was unrelated to the issue with Apple in 2012." According to the same report, Swiss Railways publicly sought bids for this project and Samsung happened to make the most desirable offer.

    Source: Bloomberg
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    1. edwilk55's Avatar
      edwilk55 -
      Another in a series of lame attempts by Samsung to "best" Apple at anything it can...and this too will be a failing / loosing attempt. Sad really.
    1. brab's Avatar
      brab -
      You must a child that has no idea of anything due to the nature of your comment.

      Let me make it easier for you to understand...they SOLD 30,000 mobile devices to Swiss Federal Raiways (SBB).
      "Swiss Railways publicly asked for bidders for the project, and Samsung made the best offer, he said."

      I can't see anything sad or wrong about that.
    1. Christophxr's Avatar
      Christophxr -

      ******* Samsung. Just stop. Please.
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