• Apple Ranked Most Valuable Brand of 2011

    Apple's overall rise in popularity worldwide has skyrocketed and has really shown in the past couple weeks. The Fortune 500 even ranked Apple extremely high even though giants like Walmart are still up as number one. Even with competition from Microsoft and Google's campaign for Android, Apple has continued to strive for greater heights and has not been tired out or broken down by any means. As a matter of fact, it has lead Apple to snag once again another victory. Even through this worldwide recession, Apple has pulled through and shown the world why they are the best through their actions and products.

    Placing third last year in BrandZ's top 100 ranking in global brands, Apple took another large step this year knocking Google off first place (first place in 2010) and claiming the crown as the most valuable global brand. According to the review and research, Apple's current global brand value is $153 billion dollars. However, don't confuse this with Apple's market cap which is at $324 billion. From last year, Google tanked losing 2% value and placing second at $111.5 billion. Most of Apple's success in this regard is due to their vigorous sales of the iDevices, the innovation of the first successful tablet (iPad), and just an overall well-designed product line.

    Although the battle is never over, Apple has truly shown superb performance. The results could potentially show that Apple's amazing sales figures are a sure sign of more innovative product releases and additions in the near future.

    Source(s): BrandZ
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