• Apple Releases Apple TV 4.2.2 Update

    Apple has issued a new software update for the second generation Apple TV. With the update, we've now graduated to version 4.2.2. For the time being, we don't have many details about what the update brings, though bug fixes and general upkeep will likely be noted in subsequent documentation from Apple, which is yet to be provided.

    Following the release of the update - which is registered by Apple servers as a new build of iOS 4.3 (build# 8F305), MuscleNerd tweeted: "Apple just pushed out a lone AppleTV2G update...stay away from that if you're currently untethered on ATV2G."

    When more details of the update are discovered, we will update this post accordingly. For the time being, however, it appears that those who have downloaded the update aren't revealing any significant or even noticeable changes thus far. It may take some time to determine if the new update, for example, repairs a widely reported freezing bug that has been noted by many users since the last update was issued.

    As one reader commented to me in jest, perhaps Apple discovered that the Apple TV was secretly tracking the location of its watchers, requiring an appropriate software update before the feds get upset again : )


    According to freshly released update information from Apple, 4.2.2 delivers the following:
    • Audio: Addresses an issue in which audio is not output when playing some video content.
    • Video playback: Addresses an issue in which video is not displayed when playing some content.
    • Audio output setting: Adds an audio output setting for switching to 16-bit audio for compatibility with some TVs and AV receivers.
    • Live FF/RW improvements: Improves the performance of fast-forwarding and rewinding live events.
    • Movie description: Addresses an issue in which the description information is not displayed for some movies.
    • YouTube video order: Addresses an issue in which YouTube subscription videos were not ordered by date.
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