• White iPhone? I'll Take Clear Thank You!

    Apple's announcement of the white iPhone 4's release tomorrow may not be an earth-shattering revelation as much as it is a relief to some. However, ifixit has an interesting mod for the hardware-tinkering inclined: the clear iPhone 4 back.

    Ifixit rates the mod as an easy install. I would beg to differ. Anytime I've had to take apart my mackbook, or iPhone, I end up losing one of the impossibly small screws (torx, proprietary, or philips head) into the endless abyss known as the floor. I suspect my cat has a stash of dropped pencils, screws and other small accoutrement hidden somewhere.

    The mod itself will cost you $29.95 and your patience. It comes with the new clear rear panel, camera lens and flash diffuser, all for the GSM/ATT iPhone 4. A small price to pay if you ask me. There's just something about being able to see the guts of my phone that shouts "Yea, I'm dumb enough to risk breaking my $600 phone for a few looks."

    Which I am.

    A few ModMyi users have already installed variations of the mod, here and wolk72 did it on his lonesome.


    This old hat, but for those of you with deep pockets and a penchent for panache ColorWare has some dizzying capabilities when it comes to altering your iPhone, or laptop, or headphones, or baby.

    Sources: ifixit
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