• Vintage Apple-1 Boots up Again After 35 years

    Some of you may recall the Apple-1 that sold at Christie's auction house for an astounding $211,535. Well, it didn’t end up as a museum piece as many thought it would. No, instead it turned up at a presentation that was held at the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy recently. What’s really amazing is the fact that they got it up and running with the help of a little modern technology.

    Engineers at the presentation went to great lengths to ensure that the aging Apple-1 would be able to re-boot in complete safety. The presenters weren’t about to take any chances with a system that was built by hand more than 35 years ago. The system restart went smoothly with the help of an oscilloscope and a MacBook Pro. The system then sent a message to a connected NTSC monitor that read, "Hello Polito," a nice little message to the university crowd in attendance.

    The original Apple-1 went on sale in July of 1976 for the devilish price of $666.66, because as legend has it, The Woz liked repeating digits. I doubt anyone at the time could have ever imagined that a few decades later a little computer, constructed in a garage, would sell at auction for such a high price.

    It may have taken an entire table full of equipment to get the Apple-1 to display a simple text message on screen, but to get to see a little piece of computing history up and running again must have been quite a sight. I know I would’ve liked to see it.

    Source: Engadget
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