• ITC Judge Rules Against Apple in Kodak Patent Suit

    On Thursday, we learned that a judge with the US International Trade Commission effectively determined in his ruling that Apple does not have a case to make in terms of the company's assertion that Kodak infringed upon the Cupertino, California tech giant's camera-related patents.

    Apple, maker of the iPhone and iPad tablet computer, filed its case in April 2010, about three months after Rochester, New York-based Kodak accused Apple and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. of infringing a patent related to ways of previewing images. The ITC in March said it would review a judge’s findings in that case, which went in favor of Apple and RIM.
    Although Judge Robert Rogers ruled today in Washington that Kodak hadn't violated the intellectual property/patents of Apple, Rogers' ruling will not be final, according to Bloomberg, until it has been reviewed and signed off on by a panel of six ITC officials, which could overturn the ruling.

    “We’re pleased by today’s ruling and we are looking forward to the full ITC commission’s ruling in our case against Apple and RIM, which is expected in late June,” David Lanzillo, a spokesman for Kodak, said in a statement. The news topped off day that brought with it another lawsuit against Apple relating to the iOS tracking scandal (MMi report).

    For now, the public hasn't learned exactly what evidence, logic, or other information contributed to the judge's headline-making decision. Those particular factors won't see the light of day until both Apple and Kodak have the chance to "redact the confidential information."

    Source: Bloomberg
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