• Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 3

    On Friday evening, Apple seeded Mac OS X Lion developer preview 3, and today we're hearing about some of the nifty little tweaks and enhancements that have been unearthed so far. Of course, if you haven't already downloaded yours, there's a possibility that you may not be able to so at this time.

    Some of the developers we know say the update effectively disappeared from Software Update on machines running March 30th's release of Lion Developer Preview 2. We started hearing this just hours after the release came. And while we had hoped for more information regarding the matter today, few additional details regarding the stalled download process have become available.

    More than a few developers have reported problems with the beta - specifically, that it supposedly rendered their systems unable to reboot. It's important to reiterate, however, that there's no confirmation of this problem and certainly not by Apple. These are some of the things we're hearing and reading from developers.

    Those who did obtain Lion Developer Preview 3 have reported some obvious and noteworthy changes, including a new boot animation and other aesthetically enhanced graphics and themes. There's also new and improved desktop wallpapers, and - as expected - the Reading List is now enabled in Safari."

    Other changes include:
    • New Reminders menu in iCal
    • New next desktop button in Dashboard space:
    • New options when right-clicking (this appears to be buggy at this time):
    • Compatibility to external displays has been improved (especially in Mission Control)
    • There is now a Mission Control app
    • Finderís toolbar has been slightly updated

    Apple will officially unveil and preview Mac OS X 10.7 Lion at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference beginning June 6th.

    Source: Apple, It's All Tech
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